CSE Boat Insurance

CSE’s Boat Insurance makes sure your smooth sailing is actually smooth sailing. As you’re enjoying the calm of the water, you’ll also enjoy a boat policy that insures you and your boat against damage and liability in the event of an accident. We’ll cover your boat, the attached equipment, the trailer and medical payments so you can leave any worries at the dock.

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What Does CSE’s Boat Insurance Cover?

Our most common policy coverages are:

  • Physical damages: hull, sails, machinery, motor, furnishings, unattached boat equipment and trailer.
  • Liability only
  • Fuel spill liability
  • Medical Payments
  • Bodily Injury
  • Damage to another boat
  • Damage to property caused by your boat

Optional Insurance Coverages:

  • Coverage for personal property
  • Fishing equipment coverage

Your local and knowledgeable CSE Independent Agent will help customize an automobile insurance package for you with the corsages that fit you best at the right price.

Boat Insurance Requirements

You must currently have Auto and Homeowners Insurance with CSE.

The boat you are looking to insure must be recreational watercraft (including sailboats) up to 26 feet in length with a maximum speed of 45 MPH.

The watercraft must be less than 15 years old.

Maximum hull coverage is $35,000

Are you a public employee?

You qualify for special discounts on all CSE insurance products, including commercial.